Scott Carlson, Executive Director

Scott Carlson was named the Executive Director of the Hutchins Family Foundation in 2012. He started the Chronic Fatigue Initiative (CFI) for the Hutchins family in 2010 and remains its Executive Director. Scott began his career working for a decade as an investment banker in New York City and abroad. In 1994, he was appointed as the start-up CEO of the Western NIS Enterprise Fund, a $150 million fund chartered by the U.S. Congress that supported the privatization of the economies of Ukraine and Moldova, and which Glenn chaired. After working in Europe for over a decade, Scott returned to the United States and founded a consulting practice to provide advice to early-stage and under-performing companies. He is a graduate of the Harvard Business School and Washington & Lee University.


Debbie and Glenn Hutchins, Founders 

Debbie and Glenn have a shared lifelong passion for effecting social change: both have been actively involved in service projects since their youth. Their voluntarism evolved over the years, progressing from hands-on effortssuch as tutoring and mentoringto board level involvement and onto constructing the Hutchins Family Foundation. They are passionate about sharing the benefits of their lives' good fortune with causes and institutions they believe in, particularly by helping people in need and fostering excellence. They have chosen to focus on a few causes meaningful to them, usually ones in which a family member is deeply engaged. They believe this strategy affords them the most efficient, effective and timely means to forge tangible benefits for the society in which we live.